Our Process

1. Prepare the twitching area. Place the material to be used on the cot.

2. The professional must wash hands with Antibacterial Purifying soap and place the mouth mask to have maximum possible hygiene.

3. Disinfect operation tools with Preparatory Hygienic Solution.

4. Clean the area with Eye Make-up Remover with the help of a cotton ball and dry with a tissue.

5. Cut two strips of Adhesive coat to adhere the protector paper to the skin firmly.

6. Place Protector Paper for an extension on the lower eyelid, leaving the lower lashes above the protector paper.

7. Place two strips of binding in the form of "X" over the lower lashes: the first one from the end of the eye to the Centre and the second one from the lacrimal to the core.

Step no 8 & 9 is our secret...shhh

10. Once the service is completed, gently peel off the Protector papers. If you notice that the papers are overly stuck, damp it with a cotton ball soaked in eye make-up remover.

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