Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibers that are stick to the natural lashes using medical grade adhesive. Lash extensions come in a variety of sizes ranging from 6mm-18mm with a few curl width choices. With proper placement, eyelash extensions can make the eyes appear wider and more lifted. With proper care, eyelash extensions should last up to five-six weeks before all the extensions shed.

Lash Lift

Lash Lift is perming your lashes into a lifted, curled state. But unlike the harsh methods that were once used to perm the hair on our heads, the treatment for lash lifts is gentler than previous. It’s also not quite the same form as previous lash perm methods, which have existed for years. The old method of lash perming incorporated a different formula and a different tool for actually curling lashes.

ilashas Styles

Eyelash extensions are a top glamour trend. Available in a variety of styles, you can find eyelashes to suit you and flatter your look, whether you want to glam up your daily look or make an impression at a special occasion. Yet, few people are aware that it can be applied to both your upper and lower lashes. Except you naturally have long, thick, full lower eyelashes, bottom lash extensions are something you should think of if you want to look truly stunning.

Lash Care

If you regularly do wicked things to them as listed below, it can jeopardize your lash health and slow down the extension of new lashes. Your lids can become itchy from the accumulation of dead skin if they are not cleaned daily. They will look better for longer. Eyelash extensions that have been coated in mascara, oily makeup and strip lashes don’t look that great.

Bottom Lash

Bottom lash extensions are practiced in the same manner as upper lash extensions. The lash stylish puts a drop of adhesive on the extension and places it on your eyelash using tweezers. Once all the lashes are on point, they will appear just like your natural lashes, except longer. None of the lashes will touch your skin and you will be able to move them and blink normally just like your natural lashes works. The application process is where the similarities stop. Bottom lashes are much shorter, thinner, and less noticeable than upper lashes. In some cases, you want it to be obvious that you are using upper lash extensions to create a dramatic look. This is never the case for bottom lashes.

Eyelash Styles

With so many lash styles and so many eye shapes, choosing around for the right style that suits your eyes can be a bit daunting. Not to worry, ilashas – is where I shine, so trust me when we say we got you!.